Clint Bowyer Eyes Consistent Top-15s, Top-20s as Goal for Transition Year

by May 5, 2016

KANSAS CITY — Clint Bowyer may have a ‘one and done’ single-year contract with HScott Motorsports this season before jumping to Stewart-Haas Racing, but he’s fully committed to helping his current organization develop for the future.

Driving the No. 15 5-Hour Energy Chevrolet for HScott this year before heading to SHR to replace the retiring Tony Stewart in 2017, the 2016 season is a season of change for the eight-time Sprint Cup race winner.

Moving to HScott after having spent the last four seasons of his career with Michael Waltrip Racing, Bowyer is in the middle of a particularly interesting transition.

While the equipment he was in for the last several years was never particularly the best in the field, he was a consistent qualifier for the Chase. Flash forward to this year, he’s currently racing for a team that generally finds itself in the bottom half of the finishing order.

Bowyer acknowledges that he’s unlikely to reach victory lane this season, but he’s still laid out goals in order to help move the HScott organization forward.

Speaking at Kansas Speedway on Thursday afternoon, the Emporia, Kans. native stated that he has his eyes set on delivering top-15s and top-20s consistently. If he’s able to achieve that, he’d call that a decent year.

“I felt like being able to compete in and around that top-15 to top-20 range consistently is going to put Harry [Scott Jr., team owner] in a position that he can be appealing to sponsors, to drivers and things like that,” Bowyer said. “It’s pretty hard to set goals to winning races and things like that because, let’s face it; you’ve got to crawl before you can walk in life.  I feel like he realizes that.

“You’ve got to create some goals to where you can get to where you want to be. That isn’t just a year’s time no matter what the situation is.  A lot of time if it is, it’s hard to maintain that and keep that when you see teams come in and spend gobs of money and have the success they can’t hold on to it. [Scott Jr.’s] approach to all this of easing into it and earning his way is the right way.  We’ve got work to do to get it to where I feel like it needs to be by the end of the year.”

After a rather abysmal to the start of the year with three out of the first four races being scored as finishes outside of the top-30, the No. 15 team has come roaring back in the last three races.

Bowyer and Co. now have two top-10 finishes to their credit – an eighth-place finish at Bristol Motor Speedway and a seventh-place run last week at Talladega Superspeedway.

As Bowyer puts it, the ball is starting to get rolling within the HScott camp, and he’s feeling satisfied over that.

“Two of the last three weekends have been top-10s,” Bowyer stated. “I was struggling to get that kind of consistency where I was at last year. It’s beginning to start rolling.

“It’s important to work hard and to continue to improve. We’ve got some good things coming that I’m excited about. That’s the thing, when you’re down, most of the time there’s a reason – especially when you’re down as far as we’re down. We have work to do. We’re starting to get a new wave of cars built and get some things to where we all are satisfied with them and excited about bringing them to the race track and seeing what our hard work has done.

“That’s all you can do. That’s all you can ask out of any team member, any organization or a driver. Everybody’s got to be able to pull the rope in the same direction and give it their all. When you finally get to that moment where you do that, you’re satisfied.”

Photo Credit: NASCAR