Aero Package Changes Coming Ahead of All-Star Weekend

by May 16, 2016

NASCAR will implement several new aerodynamic changes for its Sprint Cup race cars ahead of the upcoming weekend’s All-Star events at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Introduced to the series last week at Kansas Speedway and remaining in the cars for the remainder of the season are truck trailing arm mounting brackets.

Other changes to be made this week include the reduction of the number of cooling fans inside each car and limiting the amount of skew (rear toe alignment) allowed in a setup. The toe alignment modification as of now is only to be used for the upcoming weekend’s All-Star events, however, the cooling fan reduction will be mandated through the end of the year.

The goals that the new adjustments hope to achieve are to remove more downforce from the cars, hopefully in turn slowing corner speeds on intermediate tracks such as Charlotte by three miles per hour.

As NASCAR’s senior vice president of innovation and racing development, Gene Stefanyshyn, says, the changes made to the Sprint Cup car are incremental and could be a preview of further changes down the road.

“A lot of stuff we’ve done have not been with aero pieces on the car but they do have an aero effect,” Stefanyshyn said. “But we are looking at other things, working on other things. We’ve been working on this for the last two or three years and the question on it is how do you implement it in a way that’s friendly, cost-effective and all that?

“Depending on how the journey goes and what we find out, that could be something we could consider for ’17. The good thing is now that we’re all working closely together, we’re further ahead quite a ways. So if we get to the point where we decide we want to implement, I think we do it in a very structured and calm way, not hectic … so that everybody feels comfortable.”

Photo Credit: Drew Hallowell/NASCAR via Getty Images