NASCAR Spotters Use FanVision To Guide Their Team To Victory

by March 3, 2016

The FanVision is an essential tool spotters in NASCAR’s highest ranks use to help guide their team to victory on race weekends.

If you haven’t rented a FanVision during your visit to a NASCAR event, you need to highly consider doing so. For me personally as a journalist, it’s a complete game changer on how I cover races and the same goes for spotters who guide their drivers high above the racetrack.

Tab Boyd, spotter for Team Penske’s No. 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford Fusion driven by Joey Logano always has his FanVision close by any time a race car is on the racetrack. Whether it’s practice or during the race, his FanVision is usually tied to the railing in front of him for easy access to glance down and view an array of statistics and other features.

“Places like Martinsville or even the mile-and-a-halves, especially during green flag pit stops when you’re not sure of who is on what cycle, you can take a quick glance down and see the guys that you’re racing against, and if people are on new tires, you can let them go or things like that,” Boyd said.

“If a car is on the track, I have mine very close by, usually attached to the rail so that I can have a quick reference of the laps times and who’s in what position.”

During race conditions, Boyd hardly ever has time to take his eyes off the race car, especially during superspeedway events, but during green flag pit stops or while under caution, the FanVision serves as another eye in the sky for spotters and race teams. Although binoculars are often used, spotters can usually see the race cars, but the FanVision helps tremendously on trying to figure out what strategy each race team is on and what lap times are being run.

“The FanVision is very handy during a race and practice,” Boyd said. “It’s almost a necessity. You use it all during practice to keep track of your times and everybody else’s lap times. During the race, it’s very handy because under caution, you’re able to see who you’re racing after the pit stops are complete; who is around you if you are a lap down racing for the beneficiary, and even if you’re not a lap down, you see what situation other drivers are in. It just gives you all of the information, and it’s very handy to have. It’s almost endless, the amount of things it can do and benefit us on the roof during the race.”

If you’re attending a race during NASCAR’s West Coast swing or waiting until the series comes back across the country, you can rent a FanVision online for a mere $49.95 if you visit The listed price is $54.95. Either way, I guarantee you’ll absolutely love it. Trust me, I use one every weekend that I’m at the racetrack. If it’s an essential tool for spotters and media, then it should be for you also.