ARCA Makes Minor Adjustments to Points Championship System

by January 7, 2016

The ARCA Racing Series has tweaked its points payout for both the drivers and owners championships with several weeks to go before the drop of the green flag for its 2016 season.

Changes made to the system provide more of a points advantage to a race winner with a winner now set to receive 235 points from a race – up five points from the previous year.

The second-place driver in a race will receive 220 points with each consecutive position receiving five points less than the previous position.

No changes will be made to the amount of bonus points a pole winner earns, nor will any changes be made to the amount of bonus points earned for leading a lap and leading the most laps.

The move to increase the amount of points a race winner earns is to give a race winner a clear advantage in the points. In previous seasons, the second-place driver in a race could win the pole and lead the most laps and leave a race track with the same amount of points as a race winner.

Eliminated from the points championships this year will be the 25-point bonus for pre-entering and competing in a race weekend.

The missing points lost from the bonus have been added to the current points payouts for each respective position in a race’s finishing order.

A points bonus that will continue to be issued will be for the 250-point bonuses that will be handed out to each team that completes a run of five consecutive races (such as from race one to race five and race six to race ten.)

The 2016 ARCA Racing Series season will commence on Saturday, February 13th at Daytona International Speedway with the Lucas Oil 200.

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