Blake Koch’s Goal Is To Be Second

by January 28, 2014

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Charlotte, N.C. – Blake Koch finds joy in helping others, rather than in the accomplishments and fame that comes along with being a NASCAR driver.

When you pass 28-year-old Blake Koch in the garage or on pit road, he always has a smile on his face and at any minute, ready to spring into action and spread the Word of God to whoever is craving it. When a driver, team member, friend or even a stranger is struggling with life or religious beliefs, Blake will make an effort to sit down with them, share his personal experiences and try to guide the individual to the joy in Jesus Christ.

“The most important thing to me is my relationship with Jesus Christ,” Koch said. “Racing definitely comes second, so the wrist band I wear says ‘I come second’ is a true example of how I live my life. You know I really want to put God first in every situation, and it’s tough to do that sometimes, but you know; that’s why we need Jesus, because we all fall short.

“I feel like God has me in racing for something. You know – if you need my whole story on how I got here and why I’m still here, it’s like why are you even in NASCAR? How is that possible? It’s hard to explain when Christians say it’s a God thing, but when you say it’s a God thing, it means there’s no real explanation for it. The reason I’m in NASCAR, there’s really no explanation for it.”

Racing is a very demanding lifestyle, something that other sports can’t even compare to. Everyone who travels with the sport is on the road and away from their families nearly every weekend throughout the year, and when you’re away from family, it’s important to cultivate new relationships and another family while away from home and at the track.

Koch says that it’s impossible to measure happiness based off racing, because the sport has so many ups and downs. Through all the chaos, Koch makes an effort to find a church near the racetrack when he’s traveling across the country. Even he along with about a dozen drivers come together when they find the time at the track and help guide each other through the power and teachings of Christianity.

“It’s just amazing to see God’s work and what he does – also what he does in our community of our drivers,” Koch said. “We have a group of drivers; we meet together on race day. We pray together and study the word together and encourage each other and try to be part of each other’s family, so there are probably 12 of us that get together.

“It’s just really cool to see God’s work in action, and if you look back three years and see what all has happened is just incredible, and I also try to do my best every weekend finding a local church near the racetrack and going to speak to that group or meet people and share my faith and share my story, all that I’ve been through and the struggles and how I’ve overcome.”

In 2014, Koch will drive for TriStar Motorsports full-time, alternating between the No. 10 and No. 44. Last year, he competed in 28 NASCAR Nationwide Series events and finished out the year 25th in the championship standings. Koch feels that TriStar Motorsports is a great fit for him, and he believes they will race competitively. His TriStar Motorsports teammates will include Mike Bliss and Eric McClure.

“TriStar is one of those teams where they are racers,” Koch said. “The more sponsorship we can bring to the table, the more money we can get as a team, the fast we’re going to go. We have it covered in the motor department, we have it in the people department – our guys and girls at TriStar are really good. They’ve been around for a long time. It has just been a real joy to get to know everybody, and competition wise, I think we’re strong, and I think we’ll consistently be inside the top-15, and we’ll grab a bunch of top-10’s also.”